If you’re the type of woman who wants more than the cute girl club attire, seeking apparel that exhibits more class than skin, then you’ve found the right place. We have the best recommendation for a fabulous hot pink wrap dress for you! It’s a designer dress without the designer price tag. We can guarantee you won’t find such a unique style of midi wrap dress than this.

Hot Pink Wrap Dress


Wrap dresses have a proven track record for being elegant and classy pieces. They offer the best qualities of comfort, fit, and style. It’s a solid to-go for fine wining, having a cocktail, or a night of dancing!

This custom-designed midi wrap dress actually comes in hot pink or black & yellow. However, for those aiming to WOW the room, let’s focus on the brighter variant for a minute…

The dress is made of soft crepe (or matte fabric). Technically, it’s made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex material. It wraps the torso and elegantly connects with a golden shank button. One side of the dress is short-sleeved while the other is sleeveless, adding an edgy, flirty look.

The unique design of this piece infuses West African heritage with a contemporary twist. Tasteful print lines the inner garment and flows the wrap slit, the sleeves, and the base of the dress. It’s a distinctive piece worthy of your wardrobe.

What to Wear with a Classy Wrap Dress

Hot Pink Wrap Dress Outfit Ideas

Now that you’ve found the dress of your dreams, what do you wear with it, might you ask? Less is more, darling!

Take our model for example. Wearing a ponytail reveals your neckline and collar bones. We recommend studs in the ears, a small pendant chain that accompanies the V-neck line of the garment, keeping your bracelets to a minimum, and clutch a mid-sized handbag. And since it is a midi wrap dress (meaning it falls between the ankles and mid-calf rather than to the floor), you can wear flats or heels.

Whether you’re headed on a date or a fun night out with the ladies, when you wear this dress, everyone will compliment your classy style and ask where did you get that dress. Tell ’em you got it from Yeli Bana Fashions!

Hot Pink Wrap Dress Near Me

Currently, we’re offering a discounted price for this designer dress. Grab your size now while we have it in stock!