Looking for the perfect pair of pink high waisted pants? Seeking better styles, colors, and fits than what you see on Amazon? It's amazing how boring (or off the colors are) there. Don't fret... Yeli Bana Fashions has you covered. Here are the best pair of hot pink wide leg pants you can find!

Pink High Waisted Pants


The Zari high-waisted wide-leg pants have a bold sophisticated look and are perfect for business outings, special occasions, or the office. It’s flattering yet comfortable. It will look amazing in high pumps or flats.

Designer Pink High Waisted Pants

The signature design of the ornate pattern is a fashion infusion of West African contemporary styles- offering a unique designer look. These Palazzo pants (as they're sometimes nicknamed) come as patterned or solid hot pink wide leg pants. (Alternatively, we offer them in black & yellow, too.)

Our patterned version offers a uniqueness that is unparalleled. It features angled ornate patterns from the thigh to the ankle on both legs. The back has a single visible gold teeth zipper, while the garment has pockets on the sides.

What to Wear with Pink High Waisted Pants

Pink High Waisted Pants Outfit Ideas

Looking for a fabulous top to match? Wear it with a cute blouse, a double-breasted blazer, or Dagit Peplum Top to complete the sophisticated look!

When you're out on the town, it's important to look your best. That means showing off yummy style in all of its glory with these perfect pants! You'll get compliments from everyone around and ask where did you find such an awesome outfit? Yeli Bana Fashions has got just what every woman needs- classy yet fun attire that fits perfectly so they can move freely while feeling comfortable throughout their night spent socializing.

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