The improvement in COVID cases across the world brings back with it thoughts of returning to work with a wardrobe that promises extreme style plus comfort. We have all stayed cooped up indoors for too long; the aspect of returning to work and normalcy is nothing short of momentous.

Such a remarkable occurrence demands a range of trendy attires. But the past two years of life indoors have somewhat gotten the fashion sense rusty, isn’t it? Fret not though; we are here with a bunch of fabulous transitional looks for you that will help you resume work in style!

Shifting from Comfy Clothes to Work Attire

When the pandemic took over the world by storm two years ago, it brought unprecedented changes in our work lives. It brought days of dashing to catch the metros in time, balancing disposable mugs of coffee in one hand and our briefcases in the other to a rapid end.

The unimaginable luxury of working in our PJs from our comfy couches came unrealistically true, and working at a more leisurely pace became the norm. Hence, it wasn’t surprising that 82 percent of respondents in a survey said that working from home felt like a better option to them.

But with COVID cases decreasing by the day and the availability of vaccines rising, the prospect of returning to work has become possible. As a result, employees are ready to resume a life of purpose and productivity and bid goodbye to lazy days of working from home in PJs.

But work clothes don’t have to be boring, as opposed to the common misconception people have. Why stick to only white and grey tops with black pants when you can look like a fashionista while looking professional too? It helps people stay motivated and confident when they’re looking their best.

Besides, a well-dressed person is always presentable...

We have some major cues for you below to help you strike the perfect balance between fashionable and professional and resume work with a vigorous, positive, and fashionable self. Here are some transitional styles for your return to work:

1. Yeli Bana Women’s Double Breasted Blazer

Yeli Bana Women’s Double Breasted Blazer

There’s no better option to start planning a return-to-work wardrobe with than a chic blazer. So check the Yeli Bana double breasted blazer, featuring a unique design that grabs all the right attention for the wearer.

The stylish design cleverly conceals the jacket’s second button, lending an illusion of a single-breasted blazer instead of a double-breasted one. Pair it with a sleek pair of black pants and a camisole top inside for the ultimate stylish look.

2. Hot Pink Patterned Women’s Blazer

Hot Pink Patterned Women’s Blazer

Ladies, it’s time to take your style game to a whole new level as you resume work with renewed energy, ambition, and style. We have the perfect women’s blazer in hot pink to suggest that will make you look cute, purpose-driven, and a boss-lady all in one.

This versatile piece is a perfect pick for both work and play and is a great wardrobe option throughout summer and fall. It carries a compelling ethnic elegance with patterns on the outside you ought to flaunt with pride.

As you return to work to perform better than before, be sure to do it in this high-fashion blazer!

3. Sai Wide Leg Pants

Sai Wide Leg Pants

Is style with comfort your wardrobe priority as you return to work after a long, lazy break at home? We know days of staying indoors have turned us into lazy, comfort-loving beings, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Hence, if you’re ready to go back to the office without compromising your comfort level, our Sai wide leg pants are the perfect option for you. They are sleek and oh-so-perfect for both virtual working and working from the office.

You can accomplish a casual or chic look with this piece in your wardrobe. Pair it with a tank top for the ultimate fashionista look or pair it with the Dagit Peplum Top or Yana Bana Blazer. Pair these pants with a gorgeous pair of high heels!

Final Thoughts

COVID forced us all indoors and leaving our lives of office-wardrobe planning, post-work drink dates, and fun times with colleagues at work. Thankfully, the workforce around the world is now ready to embrace normal life and attend office looking their best.

Planning a back-to-work wardrobe might need a little brainstorming, but you will surely rock every look you put together with our trendy suggestions. If you need tips to plan your wardrobe or choosing trendy clothes, we have you covered!