High waisted wide leg pants are all the rage right now. They are oh so versatile for almost every season, plus yield maximum style and the utmost comfort. Who would have thought a fashion statement dating back to the roaring 20s would still have such precedence to this day? This fashion bomb will take you through various styles, trending looks, recommend the best places to buy, and sprinkle some trivia about the style.

High Waisted Wide Leg Pant Styles & Colors

What we love about high-waisted wide-leg pants is the variety of styles and colors. We have seen them emerge in almost every genre imaginable. From the long flowy high waisted pants to work trousers, from oversized ones that cover the shoe to cropped at the midcalf, from materials like denim, satin, prints, and even faux leather, you cannot go wrong with this vogue statement!

The fashion for wide-leg pants has been around since the 1920s when it was first spotted on fashionable socialites such as Coco Chanel. However, the style was birthed out of rebellion against dining establishments that did not permit women who wore pants. The circumvention to the rule allowed oversized trousers that looked as if a lady was wearing a dress especially as you caught their gait. By the 60s, these “palazzo pants” or “palazzo trousers” made their way into mainstream culture and today you can find many models wearing them everywhere from runways & red carpet events to casual everyday walks down Main St.

Whether you’re wearing them for work, running errands, a night on the town, or even on the beach, they can offer a distinctive look for each occasion. Let’s marvel at a few styles we’ve fallen in love with…

Women wide leg pants

Most Palazzo pants you’ll Google will have boring flat colors. Have you ever feasted your eyes on such a bold print? Oh my gosh, it looks like a garment that would steal a catwalk. Flowing like a cape in the wind, these wide-leg pants are sure to turn heads, and your number one question will be… “Where did you get those pants?” Will you keep it a secret or point them here?!?

Black high waisted wide leg pants

Every closet must have standard black wide-leg pants and this article of clothing checks that box. They’re long, flow well, and cover the shoe just enough to expose a cute heel or sandal. Black is a neutral color, thus they can be paired with virtually any color or texture. Definitely something for work and versatile enough for play. Pair it with a blazer or chic long-sleeve shirt for a more corporate appeal or jazz it with a fun tank top.

High waisted wide leg pants

Looking to go beyond the 50 shades of boring? Spice up these comfy trousers with a hot pink variety that you won’t find at many online stores. Imagine how you will be the star of the room when you strut in these fabulous high waisted wide leg pants.

High rise wide leg pants

These high rise wide leg pants offer the best of both worlds… bold punchy colors infused with chic patterns. Grab them here!

Trending Looks For High Waisted Wide Leg Pants

Every year brings about trending looks and with the world opening up in 2022, it breathes fresh air now that society can co-mingle and many returning to work. Those lazy days of lounging and working in undies or pajamas 100% of the time may be gone for most. Luckily, there are transitional looks offering the best of both worlds. Here are some of the hottest fashion trends we’ve seen for the new year!


African print wide leg pants

African patterns elevate your style and cultural fashion sense. The Yeli Bana signature design adds classy sophistication to your wardrobe. Extremely distinctive, make no mistake about it, these pants will be a star attraction in any setting.


High Waisted Wide Leg Pants Suit

This suit screams confidence and comfort. Wearing it in Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter will not steer you wrong. The material is light and breathable for warmer weather. Layering the suit with garments underneath can combat frostier weather. Find the double-breasted blazer here and the trousers here!

Cropped Capris

Cropped Capri Wide Leg Pants

Who would’ve thunk it… mixing the Palazzo style of wide-leg flared pants with the delightful fun of cropped capri pants?


Denim High Waisted Wide Leg Pants

Denim wide-leg jeans are a fun mash-up giving the look of jeans with a loose comfy fit.


Pastel Wide Leg Pants

Pastels are great in Spring and beyond. This mint-green trouser adds a refreshing touch to your wardrobe.

Where To Buy High Waisted Wide Leg Pants

Patterned high waist pants

Have we teased your fashion palette enough? Eager to know where to buy these chic garments? You can grab most of them from Yeli Bana Fashions. Other styles highlighted can be found on Bloomingdale's, Amazon, and ASOS.